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Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Science)

Academic Program

Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Science)

This course is designed to introduce all students at the high school level to the fundamentals of veterinary science, measures to control diseases in animals, and the impact of toxins and poisons on animal health. The students will explore the history of veterinary science and the skills and requirements for a successful career in the veterinary industry. They will also explore the physiology and anatomy of animals, learn how to evaluate animal health and determine effective treatments for infectious and noninfectious diseases in animals. Additionally, they will learn about zoonotic diseases, and the impact of toxins and poisons on animal health.

Development of veterinary science, from early practices to recent challenges such as the outbreak of BSE, and antibiotic resistance which analyses the key roles played by diagnosis, treatment, and prevention with regard to farm animals and pets with discusses the challenges for the future of veterinary medicine, including ethical dilemmas in balancing the interests of owners and animals when they do not coincide.

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